Roasted Cabbage Steaks with Sauce

Roasted or cooked cabbage in the winter is one of my favorite food items and with this onion Dijon garlic sauce, it is one that is for the keeping. It is fantastic on it's own, paired with a steak, or freshly cooked bacon bits on top.

Eating with the season, Winter/Solstice/Sage/Wolf Moon, is more important that just sourcing local ingredients, it is connecting with history, ancestors, folklore, and why our bodies crave certain foods.

You may not know your body craves cabbage but have you tried it as a roasted vegetable? The tiny bit of natural sugar in root vegetables is what your body is craving. Not cookies and processed foods.

With the lack of sunlight in our season, our body becomes confused when we eat a pineapple. The sunlight triggers, through our skin and eyes, the metabolism for us to process higher natural sugars like peaches (Canadian summers), pineapple (tropical destinations where there is more sunlight and therefor more sugars in the fruit), and small berries in far Northern climates such as a saskatoon or lowbush cranberry.

Our bodies have changed with the artificial lights in our winter seasons, we crave sugars because we are confusing it with lights in the house, at the office and the sometimes dreaded phones while at bed. Our bodies are responding to the light and craving, thinking it will need more sugar in the active, yang energy based, summers.

So give this a try, it is easy, delicious and will bring you back to a natural rhythm and connection to what is around you, the season you are in, and more importantly to you: what your body is really feeling. Intuition is a superpower if you really want to know.

Recipe for Roasted Cabbage Steaks with Sauce


1 medium green or purple cabbage

3 Tbsp butter, I use salted butter for pretty much everything

2 Tbsp minced fresh yellow onion

1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

1 minced garlic - I grow my own and the flavor is intense and wildly wonderful compared to store bought, but you can purchase farm fresh garlic from many markets or leave a comment below and i can point you in the right direction with different garlic growers.

Pinch of sea salt


1. Heat oven to 450 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchm