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Discover a deep connection to food, cultural vibrancy and ultimately ourselves. Through traditional Moon names we here at Market Gypsy cook through each season with more intuition and insight to what foods and energy feel right and why.

Using traditional Moon names for each month keeps what we eat seasonal and helps us understand why it not only feels better but tastes better when we do.

I am an Alberta/NWT-based local food and farming enthusiast, a freelance writer, often found hiking in forests, trudging around farmyards in my boots or fishing in the Northwest Territories. I will share the knowledge I learn from those who found harmony with food, life, self-worth, creativity and the power of the Moon.


Blended in with the topic of food are active practices of monthly themes that will have you feeling more grounded and powerful in many aspects of your life. Market Gypsy is a seasonal whole body guide.


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When asked: farmers market, pub or food truck?

Always farmers market! I LOVE supporting local artisans and farmers, you will always find me leaving with arms full of produce, eggs, hummus and copious amounts of flowers. I'm a sucker for fresh cut flowers.








I make perogies and borscht every month, they are often the most requested item for me to make when hosting a party or going out. But then my salsa and cucumber margarita recipes are pretty much a tie for popularity. They too are LOVED.

I have always been fascinated with the Moon and the connection it brings when we are looking at it, we are all looking at the same thing, no matter where we are in the world. The Moon and Northern Lights illuminate the sky back home and it has always given me such comfort. The wisdom my Ukrainian Grandfather would share with me, such as when to plant seeds based on the Moon or to use it as a guide for what foods we should eat is pure traditional knowledge I hold dear to my heart. Most cultures around the world used the Moon as a guide for so much more than an astrology reading. It is a symbol in many cultures as the yin, the female energy to our now over stimulated society of male energy: to do, to achieve, to accomplish. It offers a balance to that energy and I feel we are needing more of it and therefore writing about each month based on the Moon with food, lifestyle, and creativity. Join in the conversations, insights, folklore, equinox and recipes each week with the Market Gypsy Newsletter. Click here to sign up.

I am from a tiny community based along the Hay River and the mouth of the Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. My hometown is the core of who I am. I now live in the heart of Alberta's Prairie, cooking, writing, and creating. It is through staying grounded and discovering that the smallest things in life can often produce immense joy and happiness.

My favorite saying, " You can't judge a book by its cover." It suits so many lessons in my life. I have four floor to ceiling bookstands filled with books. Cookbooks. Biographies. Fiction. Political. Cultural. Not only do I read a lot but I write. I freelance for newspapers, magazines, social media, and printed marketing but this...this blog has been the one thing I have been most afraid to release out in the universe. Thank you for being part of it. I sit here thinking how grateful I am and yet how terrified I am to share my little bit of the world with you. Thank you for being here.

~xo Sharlyn

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Tell me about YOU. This about page is like having a cup of coffee, I would love to know about you. Share a comment or answer some of these questions:

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