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Recipes inspired by Farmer's Markets and the Moon

Discover a deep connection to food, cultural vibrancy and ultimately ourselves. Guided each month with 

traditional Moon names, we will cook and have themed activities in each season offering more intuition and insight to what foods and energy feel right and why.

Bringing back the rhythm and wisdom of the Traditional. A weekly newsletter to have you feeling grounded and strong through discussions of the  moon, seasons, comfort, health, nature, connection, and conversations. A seasonal whole body guide.

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Where comfort, connection & nourishment meet.

A northern cook, freelance writer, photographer and a little spit-fire encouraging you to pick up a pot, turn on the stove and cook for those you love. Life can be complicated, cooking shouldn't be.


Welcome to Market Gypsy a place to help you cook more at home with easy recipes and fresh food: simple affordable feasts appealing to all home cooks. Most recipes are farmer market inspired with Traditional Full Moon Names when foods are in season with nods to the love of traditional meals made creatively new. Food is like art, it reflects who we are, it brings us together, it is a common ground for beautiful conversations to be shared.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or that you are not fitting in with the perfectly designed homes on Instagram, Market Gypsy is for you. Join me with conversations about food, energy, culture and the Moon. We are Gypsies: passionate, nomadic, soulful, engaging, colorful, independent, eclectic, strong, vulnerable, both yin and yang. We are our own type of people and I am so glad you are here.

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When People Feast

Bringing back the rhythm and wisdom of the Traditional. A weekly newsletter packed with the  moon, seasons, comfort, health, nature, connection, and conversations. A seasonal whole body guide.

Fishing while in the East Arm of the Gre


Written for my bi-weekly column in the Red Deer Advocate.  I received many in person comments about this particular article.  And since it's publishing in the paper, I was asked how a family could experience the North including the East Arm of the Great Slave Lake and having another magazine ask if I could write for them.  So this is one of my favorite articles but mostly it is my favorite topic and place to visit.  I hope you enjoy the read and more so, it inspires you to visit the Northwest Territories.


Red Deer Advocate
Cherry tomato, garlic, fresh basil, shav


The easiest pasta sauce recipe known. Three ingredients. Fifteen to twenty minutes and on the table. Cherry Tomatoes. Fresh basil. Garlic. Parmesan.

Cherry Tomatoes, can be replaced with larger ones but chop them up and add the juice on the cutting board to sauce pan.


I have been making this sauce since I left the Northwest Territories in ’99.

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Full Blog Post
Remnants of a beautiful night and mornin

FALL EQUINOX - Why Celebrate and how.

Fall Equinox is more than returning to the soil, plants, animals, and running waters for replenishment, it reminds us how interconnected we are. We seem to separate ourselves from our earth. No wonder we feel alone. No wonder we don’t think we are ‘enough. We forgot our natural connection. The post explains how other cultures celebrate Equinox, and offers you a guide to set your next three months in positive energy that is grounded in the natural season of letting go.

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