Equinox, welcome back.

EARTH & SPIRIT: could not wait for this year's Equinox. It is one of my MOST favorite times of the year and I set my intentions to begin at Equinox for my writing and newsletter after a year off. I took time to focus on what was around me, what was most important to me, and fully immersing myself in Nature and her rhythms. Since 2016 I have been celebrating the Autumn Equinox.

The rhythms of nature mirror our internal rhythms. If we choose to align with them, they can guide our continual growth and constant evolution.

We all have a common craving, hunger, thirst to experience the divine. Not to be confused with perfection as that implies sameness. For me, it is through the creative side of me or more importantly, the value in our food ans Nature that I feel most close to the divine. It can be sensual. It can be simple. It can be comforting. Food, through its demands of growing and caring for it, through its importance of most all rite of passages or through a meal shared with friends: it is a way to see the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things. I grew up that way with my Ukrainian grandparents living their lives of the land and also by growing up in the Northwest Territories, both guides of fully living and experiencing Nature taught me food was sacred and connected us all. It is to have some thought put into it, some work put into it, some honor put into it.

Fall Equinox is more than returning to the soil, plants, animals, and running waters for replenishment, it reminds us how interconnected we are. We seem to separate ourselves from our Source and from our earth. No wonder we feel alone. No wonder we don’t think we are ‘enough.’ We forgot our natural connection.

It is the beginning of our seasonal darkness and female energy, reminding us we are all craving home. We realize our relationship to food can serve as a vehicle through which we can learn about our relationship to life.

As with food so is it with our inner perennial philosophy, the cycle begins nature begins with Spring. Spring brings us new energy, new ideas, and fresh starts. Summer, follows, and asks us to be patient as we wait for our planted seeds to grow. Fall is the time of harvest when we give thanks for all we’ve received and let go of what is no longer of use. Winter then becomes a time of turning inward and restoration until we are reborn again in the Spring. Each season holds powerful energy for us to tap into and set intentions around, ones that will carry us through the next three months.

Fall prepares us for a period of rest. We create balance, let go, give thanks and then expand our energy before resting. During this final stage of Fall connect with new things, spread your roots, and fill yourself with new experiences. Know this material will nourish you over winter and will become fuel for a new cycle come Spring.

Recognize what throws you off balance. This can be a person, a thought, an action, or really any energy. Make a list of things you are allowing to drop. Know that you have the next three months to release these energies, but start to mentally shift your vibration into creating a reality without them. Burn your list as a symbolic expression of your resolve to let go. As you watch the words drift away in the smoke, set the intention for the energy to be made into something new, something aligned with your center.

Make a second list of your gratitudes. Write everything you are grateful for in your life. See the abundance that has been brought to you already, Instead of asking for more, honor what already is. Honoring our abundance in Fall, creates a container for us to fill come Spring and attracts the energy we need for the next cycle.

The Autumn Equinox is about Balance.

Equinoxes have a very special energy because they mark a time of balance where day and night are equal. Isn’t that beautiful? We are all EQUAL around the world for this fleeting moment of a day. The autumn equinox is one of the most powerful energy of the entire year. It sets everything in motion and starts the point of transcendence of the darkness. With this energy, it is the perfect time to release and let go, and it seems that Mother Earth is also doing the same.