The Easiest Oven Roasted BBQ Ribs

Wolf Moon in January reflected the last of most cured, salted, smoked meats for our ancestors when refrigeration was a block of ice from the river or lake placed over top a cellar dug into the ground. Many would share what they have with those in their village. Welcome to my online village to share recipes and knowledge that has been generously past on to me. These ribs are roasted and fork tender when finished. They are to remind us of comfort in the wafting scent of slow roasted meals in the oven.

I have had many blessings in life, but one that I hold very dear is the blessing of community. I was raised in a tiny town in the Northwest Territories by parents who surrounded our family with friends and loved ones. I am grateful to have been raised in a metaphorical village as well.

My parents' friends became aunts and uncles to me in the village sense, and their children were like my family. We also kept in touch with extended family and i was close to my grandparents. Throughout my youth, the nurturing influence and wisdom of my Elders was palpable and real, and I felt held in a web of love and goodness that I sense to this day. My connection to community pulses through all that i do.

Many people have sourced out Homesteading recipes and lifestyle tips as part of their online village. The top thirteen culinary traditions that have been past down to generations and helped to get through the Wolf Moon Season are as follows:

  1. Cheese making

  2. Grinding grain

  3. Pickling

  4. Sun-drying

  5. Fermenting beverages

  6. Bread baking

  7. Sugaring

  8. Butchering

  9. Pressing apples, grapes, and other fruit

  10. Curing meats

  11. Culturing dairy products

  12. Smoking meats

  13. Rendering fats

I remember my grandparents canning meats, fermenting cabbage, pickling vegetables, butchering and smoking meats, and certainly lots of bread baking. It hasn't been since the past few years that I value these techniques more and more. This year, 2021, I will be sharing more of them throughout each season.

These ribs are often made at my parents and I am usually asked to bring them to gatherings, so I thought this should be an easy recipe to start with. Easy. Oven ready. Delicious.