What Potato To Use

My niece asked me for my Perogy recipe, then I thought...what is the best potato for them. Here is my little mini-guide for the three most common potatoes I use.

Yellow Potato (left in photo) -

* yellowish colored-skinned with yellow flesh.

* considered low-starch and waxy, meaning it will hold its shape.

* Best for: grilling, roasting, boiling, stews, potato skins, steak fries, potato salads, casseroles and gratins because they have a firm, creamy and waxy texture.

* They have the most flavor in all the potatoes. They are a classic potato flavor with earthy and buttery notes or hints to them.

* These potatoes contain a lot of water which prevents them from absorbing too much water when cooked but may not be the best for a deep fried French Fry.

* They have a slightly thinner skin so they are easy to eat unpeeled.

** These potatoes make a creamier mashed potato with lots of flavor, whereas the Russet makes a fluffier mashed potato.

Red Potato (middle in photo) -

* bright red skin with creamy white flesh.

* They have a neutral flavor and have a firm, moist and waxy texture.

* They're best for soups, stews, boiling, roasting, potato salad, salads and casseroles, but worst for mashing.