LOCAL FOOD - Perogies

Dough Recipe:

4 cups flour

1 Tablespoon Salt

1 egg beaten foamy in a 2 cup measuring cup.

2-3 tablespoons oil added to egg.

Bring warm water up to 2 cup mark. Beat the mixture.

Add gradually to flour and salt. Mix and knead until like a bread dough. Place on floured counter with bowl over top for about ½ hour. (Make this first or while others are preparing the potato mixture.) Add more flour if necessary.

I am thinking to make three batches of this dough. For sure two batches, but three would be nice.

Potato Recipe:

Chop 5 large onions

Add to 4 - 5 heaping tablespoons of hot lard, approximately 1 cup.

Cook the above until JUST transparent on med-low heat…they will continue to cook in the hot lard.

You want to caramelize the onion though, that is where the flavor comes from.

Remove from heat.

Boil 20 potatoes in slightly salted water to the point where they are ready to mash.

Drain and mash.

Add ½ to 2/3 of the onion mixture to the mashed potatoes.

*(if you would like to add cheese to half the potato mixture, buy a block of Velveeta or Sharp Cheddar cheese. cut cheese up into small half inch blocks and add to the hot mashed potatoes. The cheese will melt as you mix them together. Some traditional cooks, strict to past traditions may think "NOPE" but so good if you like cheesy perogies)

** (If you would like to make sauerkraut perogies, buy a container of homemade sauerkraut from a European Deli such as Messinger Meats in Red Deer or make your own and have handy. Be sure to drain liquid out of the sauerkraut for a day prior to making perogies. Add a teaspoon amount of the dry-ish sauerkraut and pinch perogy dough as you would with potatoe mixture.)