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Week Two of Four - Seasonal Spring CSA Salad Box "Unboxing" Video

Salad Box Unboxing to share all the locally garden grown vegetables from Innisfail Growers & The Jungle Farm CSA / Farmers Market in Alberta for the Month of June. Also known as the month of moon names: Strawberry Moon, Mead Moon, Flower Moon, and Planting Moon which through the month I will be sharing more almanac insight.

An unboxing of a weekly seasonal vegetable box (CSA) in Central Alberta along with recipes for the week to follow.

Week Two of Four - Salad Box CSA unboxing

The 'Unboxing of the Salad Box' for the second week of June. The Salad Box is a mini-CSA with locally grown Central Alberta Vegetables and Fruits. This week's Salad Box items are so so good: Cherry Tomatoes from Hillside Greenhouses Pea Tendrils from Edgar Farms Radishes, Spinach, Arugula, and herb pot of your choice from The Jungle Farm.

In this video, we ran a bit out of time on both takes, we missed the herb pot in the video. You will see the blooper at the end when we realize it is too late!

My niece Caydince will be out at the farms with me each Thursday tasting, picking, photographing, and creating recipes with me. Tune in and we will share tips of how to care for your fresh local veggies once you get them home, how to create super simple recipes and other tips the farmers pass on to us regarding the varieties and selection for that month.

In order for a younger generation to feel and see the importance of Agriculture, we need to involve them in ways that excite them. This is our way.

Thank you to Innisfail Growers for growing our food supply here in Central Alberta and to The Jungle Farm for having us out at their farm.

You can still join in by contacting Leona at The Jungle Farm today if you want to pick it up tomorrow, she will pro-rate the Salad Box for you.

Both Innisfail Growers and The Jungle Farm has gifted us a June 'Salad Box' CSA and the FULL summer CSA 14 weeks.

Through the 14 weeks, we will pick up from The Jungle Farm to share every week the produce grown right here in Central Alberta. Thank you to them.

The Salad Box items are a smaller CSA locally & collectively grown vegetable box with the Innisfail Growers Farms. This week's items: cherry tomatoes, radishes, arugula, spinach, pea trendils, and a herb pot of your choice. YUM.

The 'Unboxing Video' of each CSA will happen every Thursday with Caydince and I.

Hope to see you tune in with us right here on our Market Gypsy page.

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