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Week One of Four - Salad Box Unboxing Video

Salad Box Unboxing to share all the locally garden grown vegetables from Innisfail Growers & The Jungle Farm CSA / Farmers Market in Alberta for the Month of June. Also known as the month of moon names: Strawberry Moon, Mead Moon, Flower Moon, and Planting Moon which through the month I will be sharing more almanac insight.

An unboxing of a weekly seasonal vegetable box (CSA) in Central Alberta along with recipes for the week to follow.

Edgar Farms Asparagus is just one of the items but do you want to know what was so exciting in my food world this week that helps keep me connected to the Earth and gives me a consistent healthy meal routine? The Unboxing of the first of four weeks with the 'Salad Box' offered by The Jungle Farm supplied with Innisfail Growers' seasonally DELICIOUS veggies and fruits for the month.

Each Thursday we will share what is new during the week with seasonal locally grown vegetables, tips, recipes to follow.

Next week i will: 1. Do my hair! 2. Have my sweet little assistant join us. 3. Offer tips, recipe suggestions, find a little give away for each week, and a way for you to learn more about sourcing your vegetables and fruits. 4. Please leave a comment below about a favorite recipe, questions about the discussed vegetables or fruit, and/or the Salad Box program for the month of June.

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