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Strawberry Moon Give Away!

Strawberry Moon in June requires a little give away! A Strawberry Shortcake Kit from me for signing up into the Market Gypsy Facebook Group: Recipes & Tips for CSA or Farmers Market Foodies.

Contest is open to anyone who is in the group, able to drive to Lacombe and pick up the Strawberry Shortcake Kit from Oodles of Chocolates. Contest is open until 10am tomorrow (Friday June 12th).

I have always supported local Alberta artisan businesses or farmers, since before 2010 and will continue to support the businesses in my area.

This is a thank you to them and YOU.

So if you have not joined the group, please do. That is it. You will be entered and have the chance to win this kit. It can be picked up before 2pm tomorrow (Friday June 12th) at Oodles of Chocolates in Lacombe.

In no way is facebook or Oodles of Chocolates affiliated with this give away.

It is just me wanting to thank you and support a little business in Central Alberta during this pandemic.

Contest closed.

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