Make-Ahead Breakfast Wraps

The only reason I will eat poorly is time. Typically my body feels better when I eat seasonal foods that are made at home and so this recipe is to prepare with seasonal food. We live in a world that is pulling at us for time and money all day long. This breakfast is using vegetables that are seasonal which our bodies crave, are good for the environment, great for cost, and it is my favorite. Ok, other than my favorite oatmeal or a soft boiled egg, it is my favorite and go to in the morning. I have them in the freezer right now, prepped and ready to go.

I was listening to the radio this morning as I am writing about time and how we sometimes feeling hurried. The information I heard and found interesting is that in 1938 the 40 hour work week was applied to workers in North America. As I write about this February's Hunger Moon/Snow Moon/Little Famine Moon, I am reminded how we view time and the month. Perhaps the regulated work week enhanced by industrialism is where our balance of time and things we valued was the start of a disconnection to our natural rhythms of what to do or how we feel. This February is a leap year based on a calendar that can be controlled by adding an extra day every four years as an example of not simply following the lunar months as our ancestors did. But on with the recipe and conversation about the moon with these seasonal items of eggs, onion, potato, and bell pepper.

The term "snow moon" is meant to represent February, typically January and February are some of the snowiest months of the year. Sometimes February is also called the hunger moon, ice moon, bone moon, cleansing moon, little famine moon, due to scarce food sources, hard hunting conditions during mid-winter and in homage to the bleak winter season. Although look at today, we made it past the shortest night of the year of the Winter Solstice and light is filling our days. It is beautiful outside. This full moon in February is also a time to reflect on the past, cleanse, and prepare for the future, at the end of the month Lent begins.

Hunger Moon was and still could be a time where people tend to get really hungry. In the past the name refers to the difficulty to gather food this time of year. The Celts called it the Moon of Ice because of those who lived off the land were beginning to see the end of the food in their cold ice storage. Today we could still see the snow pile, the storms fly, but hunger may take on a new form of the definition of lack of community and visiting. It is possible that we could still call it this traditional name, Hunger Moon? But there is light! This recipe can help with all those considerations, made to share, to fill your belly with nutritious foods grown near you or still in your cold storage, easy on the budget and time. For many reasons Hunger Moon can be a tense time; the prospect of running out of food and cabin fever are just a few concerns. But this moon represents the coming of spring and the light. It's the time when the seeds start to stir to life under the cold ground. The farmers start planning crops for their gardens.

Our ancestors had difficulty in finding food this time of year but so did our grandparents, not so far off. Back in 1938 the North America economy hit a recession which caused unemployment to rise back to 19%. Food, money, and jobs were scarce. In Europe, Germany was continuing it's strategy of persecuting the Jews and occupation in Czechoslovakia, the British prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, went to Germany fearing another world war and after agreeing to allow Hitler to occupy Czechoslovakia he declared "Peace in our time." But we know what happened.

With this Hunger Moon, I hope that we all do find peace around the world, in our country, in our community and ultimately in ourselves. Know that just as our ancestors and grandparents did, we can thrive and see the light. This Hunger Moon is a time to look back at what makes us "hungry." Is it food that we are eating no longer nourishing us? Is it a loneliness that aches in our heart? Are we hungry for kindness? Is it a financial situation that dictates what we choose? Is it a goal we keep putting off for another time? Whatever it is, know that we all are hungry for something and if we can be kind to our planet, to one another, and to ourselves, all will find a way to to prosper. As with this recipe, food is mea