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Hunger Moon Recipe: Sauerkraut Bacon Cabbage Onion Hotplate

RECIPE: While staying at home and possibly craving a simple yet nutrient dense meal, this one has your number!

- this was a feature recipe in our Market Gypsy's February Hunger Moon and Ancestral Cooking class (now online sign up through our Newsletter).

But with all the delicious cabbage, onions, and sauerkraut available, I thought i would share it here.

I have been using Innisfail Growers farm fresh, nutrient dense, cabbage, onions, and sauerkraut. I find the flavor of their onions really superior to the ones I typically purchase in a grocery store. If you have garden onions at home, this is a really delicious and simple meal or side dish to make.

We will also be starting a 'how-to-store our vegetables'

to keep them longer in storage or in your refrigerator. Leave a comment below, we will let you know once we make them up for you.

RECIPE Ingredients: Package of thick cut naturally smoked bacon, no thin stuff or maple flavored anything here, just nice natural bacon. One large yellow onion. One half winter cabbage. Naturally fermented sauerkraut, no white wine, sugar or vinegar should be in your fermented foods if you want it to be truly fermented and so so good for your body.

Directions: 1. Chop half the package of bacon, about 8-10 slices into one centimeter wide pieces, not to big or not too small. 2. Chop half of one winter cabbage into sizes that you would use in a stir fry. 3. Chop one yellow onion. 4. heat large fry pan on medium heat. 5. Add bacon, cook until liquid begins to appear. 6. Add chopped cabbage and onion. 7. Cook until cabbage and onion are tender, be sure to mix as it will easily burn with the sugars from the onion. 8. Add one cup of sauerkraut, with a little bit of the juice (just don't squeeze the juice out when you add it to the cast iron pan. 9. Continue to cook on medium and mix often. 10. Once the mixture becomes well mixed and all vegetables are soft, turn down to low. 11. Continue to cook for 5-10 minutes on low. 12. If needed, salt to taste, but and very lightly and wait 10 minutes before adding any more.

Optional: I LOVE to add in a bit of Vietnamese chili oil, about half a teaspoon.

Enjoy! this recipe is one that almost everyone will want time and time again and it is so easy to make.

Let me know when you make it and how much you love it too!

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Sep 23, 2022

Greeat reading this


Love, love, love this recipe. I omit the cabbage and still delicious!

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