EVENTS - May 31st to June 9th

Celebrate what Red Deer and the rest of Alberta has to offer! Tap into the pulse of the prairie cities and communities with arts and culture festivals, food events, and more.

1. Nutters Red Deer - Power Tuesday

Nutters - Red Deer - 5250 22nd Street

Tuesday June 5th.

8am to 9pm

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or an omnivore like me, Power Tuesday is your day. I recently picked up Torill's Table Waffle mix made with oatmeal, flax meal, cardamom, vanilla and have made them every weekend since. One of my favorite scents from the NOW essential Oils line is Peace & Harmony calming oil blend made up of: Peppermint Oil, Patchouli Oil, Orange Oil, Lavender Oil, Basil Oil with Attributes: Centering, calming, balancing.

They have a number of frozen grass fed bone broth brands and a powder bone broth that is new in the store. I am also all over the Gluten Free -dairy free- Parmesan Rosemary Bread from Lacombe's very own Totally Gluten Free Bakery.

However you want to slice it, Power Tuesday (20 % Savings),First Tuesday of every month, 8am to 9pm is where it's at on June 5th.

2. Edgar Farms Asparagus Festival

Edgar Farms Asparagus Festival

June 3 & 10th

10am - 4pm, rain or shine

10km west of Innisfail or click here for map

The Asparagus Festival is back by popular demand! To the great disappointment of our customers, we were forced to cancel our asparagus festivals for a few years due to a lack of production stemming from hail storms in 2014.