Top 25 food destinations and products in Central Alberta.

Just in case you missed it or unable to read it online. What a fun list! A mini road trip to a few stops may be in order. So many places to visit or sample in the foothills of Alberta.

A big thank you to Red Deer Advocate for showcasing the incredibly and deliciously nominated food places or items that bring community and family together. I understand there are many MANY more places that could be listed, but with a 600 word count and making it simple by nominations, I liked that some lesser known stops or items are listed. Thank you to everyone who participated and those of you who may just check out a new stop or item.

Written article:

With the buzz around Central Alberta’s Food Scene, I wanted to know what top food destinations or products were creating such a sensation. Here are your answers: Market Gypsy Top 25

  1. Chai Wallahs. Traditional masala chai tea and honey are fully loved in Central Alberta, with the most nominations and delicious photos. One nominator makes her “favorite chia honey granola made with chia wallahs chia honey.”

  2. Troubled Monk. Vodka – corked bottle. Enough said.

  3. The Danish Canadian Museum. Near Dickson and opening for the season in May, enjoy authentic Danish cuisine and beverages at the Saga Cafe.

  4. Holmehus Antiques. Farm Fresh Eggs. Nominated with: “The Farm With The Good Food produces delicious eggs, and in every dozen they almost always include a green shelled egg (they are the kids FAVOURITE) and also have duck eggs!”

  5. Addys Middle Eastern Cuisine.Stop everything for some of the best Tabboulleh Salad (so healthy for you) and Falafel Wrap. Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Mediterranean, Vegetarian Friendly.

  1. Eagle Creek Farms. Located near Bowden, you will find Alberta’s only Sunflower Maze, and a strawberry, vegetable U-pick too.

  2. T’s Bakery Café. Gluten free headquarters for your treats, lunch & soups. Vegetarian Friendly.

  3. Cutie Pies. Lacombe’s East LA, pie shop and pie classes are new but Ms. Penny has been baking pies for over 25 years.

  4. Messinger Meats. German specialty & butcher shop with local milk veal, elk, pork, beef and a full on café. Prized Piedmontese Beef is often one of three hot lunches offered daily.

  5. Viva La Sirena. Sangrias, plates of chorizo sausage to share, mussels, and churro for a sweet treat, a Spanish tapa restaurant in Sylvan Lake.

  1. Edgar Farms. You know it is Spring with their Asparagus.

  2. Donut Mill. Monthly flavor features. Yes. Please.

  3. Creamery Museum. Tours of a 1930's butter creamery, and the Kaffistofa serves coffee, Foothills Creamery ice cream, ”Peasant Lunch”, Icelandic specialty Pylsur and pickled herring.

  4. Get Canned! Blackfalds offers some of the best Pickled Baby Corn and for the adventurous, Sweet Pickled Pepperoni.

  5. Steel Pony Farm. A nomination mentioned at supper, fresh locally grown vegetables, weekly CSA vegetable baskets. I was bragging about still having four Red Russian Garlic cloves left from the Garlic Festival.

  1. Miners’ Café and Coliseum Gift Shop. If hiking or just wanting a Sunday drive to Nordegg, this stop is for you. Breakfast, sandwiches, soups and vegetarian choices available along with pie, lots of pie.

  2. Fisherman’s Pride Seafood. Fresh fish in the prairies!