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Shadow dynamics in New Moon & Equinox.

BALANCE: Both soft and fierce can coexist and still be powerful.

This Saturday is the New moon in Libra, the sign of partnerships. After attending a yoga class with Holy Yoga Red Deer​ and the focus on how light is always available to us and the shadow or dark side of all of us is what we choose to feed. Well, i am paraphrasing, (Maybe she will share the passage lol) but it made me think a lot about it this weekend while in the mountains and near water, both offering dark and light at times. The Equinox is all about Balance or Equal light and dark. So I really thought about it.

What I focused on mostly is by taking a hard stance is also light. It opens up new possibilities and not only that but to stand gently into our own power. We can be both soft and fierce, jaguar-like.

So with the Libra New Moon we may feel increasingly aware of shadow dynamics in relationships that destabilize our personal balance and harmony. Why, you may ask as i did.

New Moon is the reset button which provides us with a window to reinvent ourselves & do things differently by setting a clear intention in the area of our lives governed by the new moon sign. I LOVE this stuff! Take on your own power and responsibility for an outcome in life.

So if you’re finding that you’re feeling more angry than co-operative instead of disassociating from your feelings acknowledge a feeling of frustration is a valid sign something needs to change, with yourself or in a work relationship, or a friendship. Subtle or big. Balance: It can be soft but strong, so do not fear the decision to speak up or make a change. Or Maybe, you just want change and the weight of guilt or shame or worry or validation or acceptance needs to be shed. Like Nature during Equinox and this time of year.

Only when we identify and name the 'what' is throwing us off balance... can we be sure that our loyalty is for those we love and to ourselves in creating each morning as beautiful as we can imagine it.

~ I am going to post quotes a few times a week, rather than just recipes and events. I would love to chat about this quote that I had in my photos with no author attached to it. I kinda love it!

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