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Stoked in folklore and the mystic the terms: Flower Moon - Snow Moon - Hunger Moon - Sap Making Moon - Old Moon - Moon after Yule are names various cultures described each month's moon reflecting the season and lunar farming months. Many cultures named each full moon throughout the year according to the food cycles and lifestyle necessary or experienced.


Various full moon names can be found among the Chinese, Celtic, Old English, and New Guinea cultures, to name a few. Here in North America the First Nation's People and early European settlers often used moon phases and cycles to keep track of the seasons. The Moon Names gave purpose and natural rhythm or pattern to each month's lifestyle.

Let the twelve moons remind you of the dynamic and deeply connected way of living more ‘naturally’ with our foods and life choices. With city lights, electricity, computers and smart phones, our natural sleep patterns and revitalizing hours are no longer based on waking to beautiful sunrises, sleeping when the stars sparkle, the natural glow of a moon, or the howl of the blistering cold wind evoking our instincts to make warm, nourishing broth and comfort food that will sustain us. Our desires to do more, make more, have more, along with the lost natural rhythms of when to slow down or sleep has us in an over active male energy state.


Join us in relearning the balance between Male-Yang-Active-Sun energy and the Female-Ying-Creative-Moon energy. With each full moon, new moon, solstices, equinoxes, and seasonal reminders, we can and we will return to a calmness that is grounded in both creative and active lifestyles. We will balance each month with wisdom passed on from our past to a time where we crave connection. It is a new way to look at how we spend our time and what we eat. Just as darkness gives way to daylight we reach equinoxes and solstices, a natural reminder to the sense of time, seasons based on the rhythms of the earth turning, using every four months to settle into a new energy and season of locally available foods. Do you feel that you lost the rhythm and connection to what your body craves, both physically and mentally?

The traditional moon names remind us that the Hunger Moon soon was a prompting that our root cellars should still have items to eat, that the celebration at Christmas was a special occasion and that nourishing root vegetables and salted fish or smoked pork are what is left. The contrast is that now root vegetables are considered too starchy or sugar based yet that was exactly why they were eaten and why they survived dark cold storage: carbohydrates that would lift our spirits and give our brain food to keep the darkness inspired depression away. The salted fish or smoked pork was probably the last in the cellar and soon spring would be here to give way to fresh sprigs of green and eggs laid abundantly triggered by the dawn of spring sunlight.

Starting with each Moon Name as a theme for the month brings you back to eating seasonally: in a micro manner, to finding the beauty in the simple, to experiencing new energy levels, to connecting to an intuitive craving nourished by traditional wisdom passed down from a vast number of cultures. Each month you will feel deeply connected to that of what surrounds you. The equinoxes and solstices signify a time to be thoughtful during exciting vibrant times and difficult times, both with weather, economy, food and energy and how we can not only sustain ourselves but feel relaxed and comforted by the darkness and sturdy foods left in our root cellars or by the return of the sunshine and freshly in season flowers and vegetables.


To follow Moon names is to return to the ease that our bodies crave, the tradition of conserving what we have in order to celebrate in the future, or to simply be aware of the beauty and gratitude with all that surrounds us. It is a rhythm back to not only eating seasonally but back to our own instincts.



Join us each month and how they nourished us not only as a body but as a community.
~Sharlyn | Market Gypsy


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