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cab .torrentToxicity tests of chemicals on marine invertebrates: Environmental relevance of the National Research Council's marine test guidelines. The National Research Council (NRC) established a test guideline for ecotoxicity testing of chemicals in marine invertebrates in 1987 (J. W. Simader, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 1987, 6, 445-506). Twenty years later, this guideline is still used by regulatory agencies worldwide as a basis for assessing the environmental safety of chemicals. The NRC and others have revised the guideline several times. However, most of the changes were focused on specific test species or the exposure method. The overall purpose of the present review is to provide a summary and update of the current status of the NRC marine test guideline. A focus of the review is the environmental relevance of the current NRC test guideline. The short-term test results in this study are considered relevant for the routine assessment of aquatic risk from contaminated sediments and sewage-contaminated ground-water. However, the NRC guideline's applicability to long-term toxicity tests is limited because its focus on a short-term (24 hr) exposure period leads to the exclusion of many endpoints important for determining the biological fate and potential ecotoxicity of chemicals in the marine environment. Furthermore, the guideline does not take into account the potential impact of long-term exposure of biota to trace metals and other contaminants, such as anaerobic bacteria in sediments, dioctyl phthalate, and bisphenol A. Our review shows that the existing NRC test guideline is more relevant for short-term toxicity testing than for predicting long-term toxicity in the environment. A further refinement of the NRC test guideline would be to extend the exposure time to test periods much longer than 24 hr.[Circadian blood pressure rhythmicity in young normotensive and non-normotensive subjects]. The aim of our study was to evaluate the circadian blood pressure (BP) rhythm in young non hypertensive (normal office BP, normal ambulatory BP) and hypertensive subjects (normal office BP, abnormal ambulatory BP). We studied 56 young white men, 26 normotensive, and 30 non-normotensive subjects, aged 18 to 25 years (mean age = 21.6 +/- 2.0 years). Ambulatory BP was measured in the morning (0700 to 1100 hours) and in the evening (1900 to 2400 hours) over the same days, and office BP was




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